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25 years on – A new structure for the institute

September 22, 2014

Bengt Beier

In 2014, the Austrian Institute for European Law and Policy turns 25. Having been created as the Institute for Law and Policy in 1989, the institute has since grown to a recognized voice on legal policy in Austria and Europe. With its new focus on European policies, the institute has been able to research and shape European policies and forge new contacts across Europe. We are happy to announce that we will be able to further extend this work in the coming years and strengthen the Austrian Institute for European Law and Policy with new partners and a new team of policy and research advisors.


The Austrian Federal Chancellery and the University of Graz will join the Federal Ministry of Research, Science and Economy as sponsors of the institute.

In addition, 21 distinquished scientists from Europe and the US have been invited to join the newly-set up Scientific Board and the Advisory Board of the institute to support the work of the Austrian Institute for European Law and Policy. You may view the full list of members and researchers of the institute here.

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