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My Europe… Tomorrow

With the project “My Europe… tomorrow“, we are working to improve the dialogue between European citizens and the EU. To this end, we are developing and testing new tools (both online and offline) to enable citizens to communicate their concerns and issues to the European lawmakers.

The main objective of the project is to implement a structured dialogue on European issues between citizens and the European Unions with the help of organised civil society. The dialogue should take place in the member states and be organized by organisations from the member states. The goal of the project is to define the expectations of European citizens regarding the European Union, primarily in order to provide answers to their concrete day-to-day problems but also in a wider institutional perspective. The project is supported by the European Economic and Social Committee, the Economic, Social and Environmental Council of France, the Economic and Social Council of Spain, the University of Graz, the Austrian Institute for European Law and Policy and the Estonian National Youth Council.

The pilot phase

In the first pilot phase, a structured dialogue shall be established on the issues of youth (un)employment and immigration in four pilot countries (Austria, Estonia, France, Spain). The dialogue will be carried out by using on-line and social media tool, on one hand, and traditional methods (seminars), on the other. The use of these two methods will allow a wider outreach, but will also mutually reinforce and integrate, notably as events will encourage and support the e-participation.

The online platform for the project was launched on 28th October 2014 and the first public event took place on 20th November in Madrid, Spain.

The second event was organized in Graz, Austria on 10-11th December on the issue of “Youth and working life” by the Austrian Institute for European Law and Policy in co-operation with the University of Graz.

This first pilot phase will be concluded by a major event/conference to be held in Brussels in spring 2015, which will give the opportunity to discuss the first results of the structured dialogue.

More information and video: Presentation of the project in Graz on 10 & 11 December 2014 [in German]

On our video page: Challenges and opportunities for the Civil Society Dialogue

Get the final report on the project here: Final Report on the Online Tool “MyEurope…Tomorrow!”

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