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Eleven One Austria

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The aim of the project Eleven One Austria is to conceptualize, develop and implement a pan-Austrian open access online platform for all official and other institutions as well as for all forms of organized civil society devoted to all areas of Union action for mutual exchange and exploitation of synergies. This would create a closed “European policy network” within which each participant has full knowledge of the activities of the other participants of the network.
The purpose of the Eleven One Austria network is to bring into live the long overdue Article 11 TEU para 1 to 3, i.e. the “horizontal and vertical European dialogue”. This adds to the public relations of Austria related to Europe and reduces Euroscepticism. An additional aspect of this network is to facilitate orientation for the competent European authorities when addressing questions to the institutions of civil society (e.g. Article 307 TFEU).
Participating partners include: Austrian Institute for European Law and Policy, University of Graz, University of Salzburg, State of Styria, State of Salzburg, Federal Chancellery of Austria.

1. Test and adaption of FUTURIUM2 as an open technical platform and tool for policy making and dialogue
2. Dissemination of the tool to other interested clients in form of an open source, for open access

The final outcome of the project Eleven One Austria is the first open access online tool for the Austrian civil society and their associations for a lively European discussion in the sense of collaborative and cooperative democracy. This will facilitate participation, co-design, co-planning, coediting as well as co-decision making. Austria will serve as a role model in the development of European Participatory Democracy that can be extended to other EU member states.

Visit the project website at!

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