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CEEE|Gov Days, Budapest, 7 & 8 May


In 2015, the Austrian Institute for European Law and Policy is one of the organisers of the Central and Eastern European e|Dem and e|Gov Days 2015, held in Budapest on May 7 & 8.

A new European extra-territorial data protection regulation forthcoming, Germany’s leading Internet Service Providers implementing national Internet routing, France and Germany calling for a “European Internet”, … These are just some of the responses to a seemingly endless flow of revelations of privacy violations and intrusive activities from outside (and at times inside) the European Union. But how can such a “Europeanized” Internet work, what are the political, technical, legal and organizational challenges? And if it is feasible – is it also desirable or rather a detriment to economy and innovation? What are the repercussions on government infrastructure and digital services already in place?

For more information and to sign up for the conference, please visit the conference website at

EUDEM, Strasbourg, 5 & 6 May 2014


On May 5 and 6, the Austrian Institute for European Law and Policy will organise the yearly experts’ conference on European democracy, EUDEM.

Please register online here:

Permanent conference on European Democracy EUDEM

September 30, 2013

Bengt Beier

With the Treaty of Lisbon, the fundamental value of “democracy“ enshrined under Article 2 TEU has, at the level of the European Union, been given a renewed framework (Articles 9-12 TEU).

Dealing with the implications of this new legal framework is an interdisciplinary challenge not only for lawyers of different disciplines (International law, European law, national constitutional law), but also for political scientists, economists, EU decision makers and top executives, or eDemocracy- and eParticipation-related computer scientists. Additionally, input is needed not only from the academic sphere, but also from practitioners in governments, parliaments and other public institutions, at union as well as national and regional levels and selected stakeholders from civil society.

In order to help with the necessary discussion process, the Austrian Institute for European Law and Policy started to host a yearly EUDEM conference on European Democracy in 2012. This conference aims to bring together scientists from different fields from across Europe and the world and to enrich the Union´s democratization process and to act as an impartial entity supporting any party concerned with democracy issues in the Union, whether this is in institutions of the Union or citizen participation organizations as well.

The annual EUDEM conference is to be held along a rotation principle. EUDEM ´s office is located at the Austrian Institute for European Law and Policy.



Durch den Vertrag von Lissabon hat der europäische Grundwert der Demokratie (Artikel 2 EUV) einen ganz neuen rechtlichen Rahmen durch die weiteren Artikel 9-12 EUV erhalten.

Die Auswirkungen dieses neuen rechtlichen Rahmens auszuloten ist eine interdisziplinäre Herausforderung, nicht nur für Juristen aus dem internationalen, europäischen und Verfassungsrecht, sondern auch für Politikwissenschaftler, Öknonomen, Entscheidungsträger der EU und eDemocracy-Vertreter. Zudem ist Expertise nicht nur aus akademischen Kreisen sondern auch von Praktikern aus Regierungen, Parlamenten und anderen staatlichen Institutionen und NGOs auf europäischer, nationaler und regionaler Ebene notwendig.

Um den notwendigen Diskussionsprozess zu unterstützen, veranstaltet das Österreichische Institut für Europäische Rechtspolitik seit 2012 die jährliche EUDEM-Konferenz zu europäischer Demokratie. Diese Konferenz hat das Ziel, Spitzenforscher verschiedener Felder aus ganz Europa und der Welt zusammenzubringen, um den Demokratisierungsprozess der EU voranzutreiben, und alle Gruppen und Institutionen zu unterstützen, die die Demokratie in der Union fördern.

Die jährliche EUDEM-Konferenz soll in Zukunft nach dem Rotationsprinzip an unterschiedlichen Orten in Europa stattfinden. Das Koordinationsbüro für die EUDEM ist beim Österreichischen Institut für Europäische Rechtspolitik in Salzburg angesiedelt.